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About Edurne

Edurne Uribe is a remarkable artist whose unique style blends realism with magical elements, capturing the imagination of viewers. Edurne's work is a reflection of her inner world, filled with mysterious and enchanting figures that defy conventional classification. Rather than sticking to traditional artistic norms, Edurne fearlessly explores her creativity, experimenting with different materials and techniques. Through her art, she expresses profound human values amidst a backdrop of contradictions. 



School of Plastic Arts "Armando Reveron"
Anzoategui, Venezuela
Oil Painting: 1979


(Dictated by Professor Tereza Azara)

  • Creative Development of the Form; 1991

  • Theory and Practice of Color; 1991

  • Artistic Composition; 1992

  • Technique, Materials and Textures of Photos; 1993

(Dictated by Professor Oswaldo Silva)

  • Drawing of the human Body; 1991

  • Introduction to Drawing; 1991

  • Color; 1991

(Dictated by Professor Guillermo Pinto)

  • Sculpture of the Human Body; 1992

(Dictated by Professor Alegria Garcia)

  • The Theory and Practice of Enamel; 1992

(Dictated by Professor Javier Trujillo)

  • Ceramic Molding of the Human Body; 1993

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