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Edurne Uribe

Surreal realist art

Explore the captivating world of Edurne Uribe, an artist whose enchanting creations blend elements of magical realism and surrealism. Discover her unique perspective through a gallery of mesmerizing paintings that invite you to delve into a realm where reality and imagination intertwine. Dive into Edurne's website to experience the evocative power of her artwork and unlock new dimensions of creativity


I developed as an artist at a very early age in the Armando Reveron studio in the City of Barcelona where I was introduced in paintings and sculptures. It’s in this city where I had my first exposition in the Lagoven Club in Puerto la Cruz. I lived in Puerto Ordaz for 20 years and studied under professors Osvaldo Silva Castellon, Tereza Azara, Alegria Garcia and Guillermo Pinto.

My inspiration comes from nowhere and that’s where my ideas come to reality. A line drawn that results in a circle that becomes a body, a group or people, faces, crosses and the result…a picturesque composition.
I try not to get influenced from other artist’s work, although I visit their galleries to feed my love affair with my art. My art is influenced from things that for one way or another involve the evolution of the humanity, conquest, inventions, progress, family and religion. I experiment to create my own colors; I use the oxys (reds, blues, yellows, blacks and whites) and sand. I like to touch my paintings, to have the sensitivity in my hands and eyes

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